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Another great addition to the Midnight Breed series!

Lara Adrian's paranormal romance Midnight breed series gets you lost in it's pages right from the start, as it transports you to a whole new world right between the pages. Each story is filled with action, danger, love and even betrayal, that you can't put down until the last page. New readers to the series can jump in at any book, but the best way to learn all about the breed and it's members is to start at the beginning with Lucan and Gabrielle in Kiss of Midnight. I'd recommend this series for any reader that loves paranormal romance, you won't be disappointed.

Fall Of Night is all about Micah who is the son of Tegan and Elise who we first meet in book 3 of the series. Micah is one of the orders best warriors and is only rivaled by his father Tegan. When the covert mission that he is leading into the deadlands an area that is off limits, goes disastrously wrong. Micah is the sole survivor of an attack that introduces us to Phaedra, an Atlantean who has been living among the humans after leaving her Atlantean home centuries before.

'When night falls blood and destiny collide.'

Both had been having a recurring dream that led them to the deadlands in the first place. After the attack on his team, Micha doesn't trust Phaedra and blames her for what happened to his team and vows to get his revenge on whoever is responsible, even if it means that he has to go through her. But has fate brought them together? That's what it seems until Phaedra learns the truth about how they were really brought together that fateful night.

"You're mine! I've known it all along. Even fate knows you're mine, Phaedra." - Micah

With both the breed and Atlanteans on the verge of war, Micah wants nothing to do with Phaedra and tries to deny that fate is bringing them together. But after another attack on the Breed by their enemy Opus Nostrum he finds that nothing is as it seems. Wanting no part in the fate that has supposedly brought them together, Micah tries everything he can to deny how he feels for Phaedra but realises in the end that he can't change how he feels about her.

'She was his. God help her, but he belonged to her too.'

Fall Of Night is full of action and suspense leaving you wondering what's going to happen next and wanting more. Although I really enjoyed reading about Micah and Phaedra, the end of this book felt a bit rushed. It was nice to see some appearances from other members of the order from earlier books, including Micha's parents Tegan and Elise, plus Order Leader Lucan Thorne and his mate Gabrielle amongst others, it seemed like this book ended a bit too quickly.

'Micah smiled, baring those deadly fangs as if to remind her of the predator that lived inside him. “Is that what this is about? Is that why you came down here to find me? You think you can rescue me, Phaedra?”

She flinched at his cutting tone. The words stung, but so did the way he seemed so intent on pushing her away. He moved from where he stood near the table, his big body vibrating with dark challenge.

Prowling closer, he curled his lips back from his fangs on a dangerous smile. “You think I need saving?”

She knew he did. Deep down in the most tender corner of her soul, she knew she might be all that stood between Micah and the only thing powerful enough to destroy him.


Fall Of Night is the latest book in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series (Book 17). More information about Fall Of Night and the rest of Lara's books can be found at

I was kindly issued with an eARC advanced copy of Fall Of Night for my personal review.

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