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King of Midnight is just amazing!!!

Updated: Jun 16

Lara Adrian's paranormal romance Midnight breed series gets you lost in its pages right from the start, as it transports you to a whole new world right between the pages. Each story is filled with action, danger, love and even betrayal, that you can't put down until the last page. New readers to the series can jump in at any book, but the best way to learn all about the breed and it's members is to start at the beginning with Lucan and Gabrielle in Kiss of Midnight. I'd recommend this series for any reader that loves paranormal romance, you won't be disappointed.

As much as I have tried to write this review without any spoilers, there might be a few small ones ... so my apologies in advance!

The hero of King Of Midnight is Darion Thorne a born leader just like his father (Son of Lucan Thorne and Gabrielle who we first meet in book one of the series.) With the the order being attacked from all sides it falls onto Lucan and the Order to fix things. But when Lucan is attacked by the notorious Opus Nostrum and unable to continue to lead the order in the fight to take down Opus Nostrum and stop their plans it falls to Darion to step up and become the orders new leader. With his father out of commission, Darion has to lead the fight not only against Opus Nostrum but also deal with the threat from one of the Ancients and also the rising threat from the Atlanteans, who's queen Selene is trying to retrieve the ancient crystal that fell into the orders hands in one of the earlier books.

"I'm not making any apologies when it comes to Opus" Darion growled. "Nor when it comes to anyone else who thinks the Order's going to sit back and watch the world burn on our watch. Opus. The Ancient. The Atlanteans and their queen. Far as I'm concerned, they're all on notice. We didn't start this war, but we're sure as fuck going to finish it."

When Selene makes a move against the Order it falls to Darion as the Order's new leader to step up and lead them through. As soon as Selene makes it clear that she's after the crystal Darion can't stop himself from having a little back and forth with her as part of his plan to get access to Atlantis. After Selene finally agrees to a face to face with the leader of the Order, Darion knows that he's found his way into the city, but will he be able to control himself and not fall for her even more?

"Didn't I warn you once that you wouldn't want to stand against me?" "You did," he admitted evenly. "And didn't I warn you that only a fool believes she can never lose." Anger flared in those oceanic eyes. "So arrogant. I didn't think it possible for anyone to exceed your father's ego, but once again you manage to surprise me." he smiled at her baring the tips of his emerging fangs. "I'll take that as a compliment."

He smiled, unable to resist provoking her. "You said you wanted the Order's leader. Here I am."

As Darion and Selene continue their disagreement while also trying to deny how they feel about each other, the Ancient is putting his plan into motion. So when it turns out that they have a common enemy that is happy to see them all gone ... they soon realise that they can only defeat their common enemy if they work together. The fate of not only the Order, the Atlantean realm but also the fate of the world hangs on Darion and Selene coming together to save them all.

With Breed warriors and Atlanteans fighting side by side as one... can they defeat the Ancient and save both their worlds? Can Darion and the Order give Selene what she has been wanting the most in the hopes that she won't use it against them? Darion calls on his brothers within the Order to trust and help him win their biggest battle yet, all while hoping that the woman that he has fallen for won't betray them in the end. In the end it comes down to Darion fighting side by side with his father to finish what they had started, though is it enough to save his father's life. It takes a miracle from the woman that he loves to save his father, and in doing so forming a friendship between both their kinds that will last a lifetime.

"How can I ever repay you for what you've done for me?" she shook her head. "I couldn't have done anything at all, if not for Darion. The rest of the Order as well, including you. I'd say that we're more than even."

Getting to see Lucan with Gabrielle and so happy, was the ending that the Order deserved .... and Lucan's eyes ... I'm just going to leave it at that. ;)

This part might come as a spoiler but it has to be pointed out, as for me it was one of the best sentences of the book. "We all owe you a debt, Darion. The entire world owes you a debt, son. Thanks to you, there are no more wars left to fight. Opus is gone, the Ancient is dead and now the Breed and the Atlanteans are forged in a friendship that will never break. I'm damned proud of you, son."

From the moment you pick up King Of Midnight to start reading it, to the very last page ... the whole story is filled with excitement, happiness and even sadness. Just like the rest of the Midnight Breed series that Lara has created you can't stop reading it until you reach the very last page, each time I would tell myself just one more chapter and that's it for now, then that chapter would turn into two more and then five more as I just couldn't put it down until I'd known what had happened to the characters that we love. Lara certainly didn't disappoint this time either with another amazing story, again she pulled us into a world that felt like we were there living it right with the characters, feeling what they felt, the happiness, sadness, hurt ... and every other emotion that they went through it felt like we were there going right through it with them. This book might have been the last in the Breed series which brings a sadness that we don't get to enjoy more of Lucan, Darion ... Kade and the rest of the order .. but that won't stop me from picking up her amazing books and reading them again and again, losing myself in the world that she's created ... the kind of world where you can sit down and just forget the real world around you for a while. That is the world that Lara has created for the last 18 books and that is a true work of art for any author.

As a Breed warrior and the son of the Order’s founder and commander, Darion Thorne is an exacting tactician and a lethal combatant, yet nothing can prepare him for the catastrophic act that forces him to step to the helm of the Order as its leader. With their adversaries growing bolder and more brazen with every strike, Darion knows he must take the war to them before it’s too late to stop them at all.

Yet of all their enemies, the one most dangerous for Darion is the beautiful, yet volatile, Selene, Queen of the Atlanteans. Determined to recover four powerful crystals stolen from her ages ago, Selene will go to any lengths to have them. When that goal puts one of the Order’s own in the crosshairs, she finds herself locked in a personal battle with Darion, a Breed warrior she knows she should despise, yet who stirs an unbidden desire within her.

With the battle lines drawn between them and a diabolical evil on the rise, can Darion and Selene put aside their mistrust in time to save all they hold dear, or will they see the world plunge into a darkness that has no end?

It's really hard to believe that this is the final book in the Midnight Breed series, it's been an amazing series right from the beginning, the kind that pulls you into the book from the very beginning leaving you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. It's been a great journey following Lucan and the rest of the order through the years, I'm going to miss reading about all their missions and adventures, the loves and losses, the excitement and everything in between. Hopefully we'll still get to see the order members sometimes in the Midnight Breed spin off 'The Hunter legacy series', I'd hate to not hear about them again at all. As there's so much adventure to still have with them. With a very big thank you to Lara Adrian for such an amazing paranormal romance series!!

King of Midnight is the latest and final book in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series (Book 18). More information about King of Midnight and the rest of Lara's books can be found at www.LaraAdrian.com

I was kindly issued with an eARC advanced copy of Kind of Midnight for my personal review.

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