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Lara Adrian's 'Play my Game' is a must read!!

Lara has really done it again! Her books always seem to capture my intrest and pull me into the book, making sure that I'm unable to put it down until I've reached the last page!

'Play my Game' is the latest installment in Lara's 100 Series. It's an emotionally intense and seductive love story about Jared and Melanie.

Jared is a millionaire artist with a past that he's kept hidden from everyone, who is out for revenge. Holding onto a lot of anger from his past, Jared first sees Melanie as an opportunity to get his vengeance. Melanie a student who is also working two jobs to support her family, first comes into Jared's life when she agrees to pose for his next painting as way of clearing off her boyfriends gambling debts.

'When it comes to getting what I want, I always play to win. But in the end, will the cost of my vengeance be more than I can bear to lose?'

What started out as getting vengeance soon turns into much more, when Jared realises that he wants so much more from Melanie.

'He's out to settle an old score and the price may be her heart.'

If you love reading contemporary romance novels then 'Play my game' is a must read for you. You won't be disappointed as Lara is able to pull you into the world she's created leaving you wanting more.

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I was kindly issued with an eARC advanced copy of Play my game for my personal review.

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