Just message me with the design idea of your choice, and I'll see what I can do!

Hand painted custom sneakers. Item can be customised with your own colour preferrence. Colours can be chosen for the design and the background around the design. If you would like to choose your own colours please add those details in when ordering, or the colours will be randonmly chosen for you. ... If you'd like anything else added to the design, please contact me before ordering to arrange if it would be possible. All orders for custom sneakers take at least 2-3 weeks to complete the design since everything is done by hand. If you'd like the item by a certain date ... please order in advance.


For this style of shoe, I'll be using Lee Cooper Canvas Val Shoes Mens


Sizing info.

Please choose the correct size when ordering as exchanges/returns and refunds will not be possible. The sizes available are listed below with an approximate European size guide. US sizes are approxamitely half a size bigger than the UK sizes, so if looking for US size please order half/one size bigger than UK size. For example a UK size 8 is approxamitely a US size 8.5.


Black are available in the sizes in the table below.  


Mens sizes from 7-12 


UK         European


7.5 41.5
8 42
8.5 42.5
9 43
9.5 43.5



11          45            
12 46


Return and refund policy.

Due to this item being custom made, returns and/or refunds are not possible. Please make sure that you're 100% sure when ordering the design that you would like. Once I have started the design I will be unable to refund the price of the item. There will be a 24 hour limit once the order has been placed should you change your mind.

Hand painted custom sneakers!